We are selling endowment discounted centers for the benefit of employees of the university professors and administrators, staff and workers, and summed up the idea to create a sale and one in the center of various university complexes according to what is described:

The needs of the university mosque:

              Lighting includes three compounds from the university complexes are:

Air conditioning
                Intended to adapt all classrooms to create a learning environment that could lead to the creation of a scientific renaissance reflected good and development of the country and the people. This includes all the university complexes.

study fees
              Tuition fees have become a major concern in the recent period, causing a lack of continuity of the study and therefore prejudice the assessment of the school year. Accordingly it considered the tuition fees of topics for stop to bring the required development and the educational process are not exposed any defect could lose their value.

Model of the resource endowment of some universities in the world:
           It is noted that a large number of institutions of higher education in the United States and Europe rely for funding on the many sources of funding. The imports of Awqaf and one of the most important of these sources. This resource endowment and exploited in support of scientific research and help students and maintenance of university facilities and other aspects of the exchange. American universities and occupies center stage in the funding through endowments.