'inn alghayat mn hdha alwaqf tatamaththal fi majmueat min alnniqat alty ymkn tawdihuha ealaa alnnahw alati:


The purpose of the moratorium is a set of points that could be clarified as follows:
1. linking university employees their organization, and seen as a value should be maintained of all that hinders its development and progress in various fields, in particular academic field.
2. participation of all employees of the university professors, administrators and students in this stay out of the unit affiliation.
3. The allocation of one day a week where everyone involved in this moratorium to be on Saturday, is the target today as a day appropriate.
4. consolidation of maintaining a clean environment as the most important base to carry out the cleanliness of the environment, and requires a set of trash cans in most parts of the university, and then deal with it as the right place for everything careless. In addition to convince employees of the university that this sophisticated human behavior should be adopted and an invitation to him.
5. Astmraraah this stay a week or once every two weeks to cover all university complexes, and even the environment surrounding these complexes even look our university - a mother universities - in a suit and dress brightly polished.